Preschool Goals & Objectives

The children enrolled in this room range in age from 3-5 years old. Throughout the year the children will be growing and developing in many different ways. At Aunt Nancy's setting attainable goals is an essential part of our program. While enrolled in our program each child will be exposed to many different areas of development. These areas include: fine motor, gross motor, language (including Spanish), cognitive, self-help, and social/emotional music and art. Enrichment activities include: Library time, swimming, and technology enhancements with tablets.

One of our objectives is to teach the children how to express themselves and their feelings using words not actions. Cooperation, teamwork, and problem solving are important skills to develop at this age.

Another objective is to treat each child as an individual. We want the children to feel as though we respect their individual needs and assure them that they are respected and loved.

Our final objective is to have fun! We understand that above all else learning must be fun. We design our daily lesson plans with fun in mind. Through our daily projects, children can express themselves freely through activities such as movement, music, art, dramatic play, and individual choice. Children will learn about the world and the differences among cultures through science, social studies, and language arts. Of course, the messier a project the more fun they have and the more they learn. What is the fun of being a child if you cannot get messy?

We have created a family style atmosphere where the parents, children, and teachers communicate frequently and freely with each other.

Parents are encouraged to attend field trips, help with any party plans, and visit us any time. Parent suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. We will have two parent teacher conferences along with a progress report sent home in the spring.
We feel that if your child is happy then you as parents will feel comfortable with their care.


Supply List:

  • Extra Set of Clothes
  • Sunscreen